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Welcome to the fantastical world of the Ter’Ra’Mentia role playing game. The once protected lands of Ter’Ra’Mentia are being disrupted by a demonic invasion. Meanwhile, a plot to weaken its defenses by dismantling the 5 magical Tenants holding the realm together also boils behind the scenes. The ancient dragons, led by the Archdragon Vallaxar, are all but extinct.

This world needs heroes.


We invite you to join a world where you can adventure with friends, creating lasting memories and stories as the characters you play.  Ter'Ra'Mentia is not only a magical land, but a very important one to the physical realm. Long ago, in the First Dragon War, the many realms were crossing over each other, causing cataclysmic events and nether creatures to pour into the world. The protectorate dragons sacrificed themselves, and in a ritual along side the Vi'Ka'Sha and other races, the 5 Tenants were created. These tenants embody the souls and magic of the ancient protectors and keep the nether worlds from crossing over.

As Demons pour into Ter'Ra'mentia, and disturbing cataclysmic events begin again, the Draconum have attempted an invasion from Dredora Gate on Colossal Salt Rise in the north, sacking parts of SunFlow City, pushing their way up to the seat of the Solar Queen. Luckily, the elite Solar Guardians and Witches held them at bay long enough for the Axyan army from Midnight Fortress to flank the Draconum from the rear and eventually, drive them back to the Ravaged Prominence.   




Ter’Ra’Mentia Role Playing Game

Assume a persona and let your imagination run wild with friends.

Recommended ages of 14+ and adults, has mature themes. 


What is needed? 

  • Ter’Ra’Mentia core rulebook. 

  • Dice! Lots of Dice! We recommend a minimum of 2 of the following die: 4 sided, 6 sided, 8 sided, 10 sided, 12 sided and 1 20 sided die.  

  • Ability to print character sheets can make things easier, but a paper and pencil will do.  

  • 1 person to be the Game Master presenting the world, 1 or more people to be player characters. 

  • Imagination. 


Playable Classes

Arcane Scholar

  • Versatile mage able to learn spells from other classes and specialize in Arcane, Blue Flame, and Psychic magic. 

Arctic Druid

  • Be a weather controller who utilizes the forces of water, lightning, and wind at their disposal. They are also great at supporting and healing, as well as being stewards of nature. 

Astral Priest

  • Pull on the threads of destiny with Arcane and Solar magic. Sanity is the only class attribute. They can switch between damage and support. This class gains different benefits each day based on the alignment of the astral and the energy flowing through it. 

Azure Wizard

  • A gifted enchanter that is also the only class to use coldfire magic. 

Blood Shaman

  • Divine the future through blood. Deal combat damage through spells and weapons or provide support and healing to your party. 

Desert Sorcerer 

  • Summon an air mimic to fight by your side, cause earthquakes, or light your foes a flame. This class may cast spells at no mana or spirit cost. 

Druid of the Wilds

  • Changing forms just like the Shifting Wilds changes its shape, the Druid of the Wilds uses animal forms, healing, and poison magic to navigate the world. 

Flame Warden

  • Flame Wardens walk the path of the dragons and protect their ancient abandoned temples. Dragon aspects and fire magic are the way, either enhancing martial abilities or casting high-damage attacks while utilizing their protective nature. 

Necromancer/Spirit Caller

  • Call spirits or animate the dead to aid you. Reap your enemies with martial attacks or make them succumb to spirit magic while potentially supporting your team with much-needed aid. This class does well on the frontline or in the back as a caster. 

Nether Touched

  • Caught too close to a nefarious portal you are imbued with nether magic. Summon weapons and nether creatures, and be the only class to deal void damage. Test your sanity and push yourself to the limits. 

Nightmare Hunter

  • Although your nightmares may plague you, you deal extra damage to demons and are the only class with the ability to prepare a selection of concoctions each day. Use them for support or damage as you see fit. 

Planes Walker

  • Curse marked by a demon, you have gained the ability to not only teleport yourself but others as well. Even use your gifts to perform ranged trick shots, prepare traps, and stalk your prey. 


  • Reavers are a wild force to be reckoned with. They deal extra damage based on their fortitude and at lower health as well as take less damage at lower health. 

Shadow Step

  • Seamlessly move through the shadows you created or distract your mark with a shadow clone. The Shadow Step makes excellent use of poison and sneaking. 

Shadow Templar

  • A Shadow Templar's powers stem from the magical shadow stone mined below Darktop Mountain. They excel at frontline combat with shields or two-handed weapons and possess anti-magic capabilities. The description of a "true tank" comes to mind. 

Solar Guardian

  • These elite protectors of the realm are well-known everywhere. The current champion of the Star'Yna Colosseum is the Queen's champion, a Solar Guardian. With solar magic, you can deal extra damage to demons, support your team, and enhance your martial abilities. 

Solar Witch 

  • Working alongside the Solar Guardians in battle or administering aid in a temple, these witches are indispensable to an adventuring party for support, healing, and damage. 

Weapon Master

  • Be the only class in the game to switch between weapons at no cost in battle and be superior with all of them. No weapon or fighting style is out of your grasp. Use these tools to perform heroic leaps and crescent sweeps, protect your fellow adventurers, and discern traits about your enemies mid-battle. You have no equal as a veritable man-at-arms. 

Character Sheet Download

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